Our Story

MjiaMae, M & T Atelier is a Design Studio based on the Coast of the Eastern Cape in South Africa that is started together by a daughter and mother in October 2013.

 ("Atelier means - French word for a workshop or studio for a designer.”)

 Together as a daughter Marelet with my mother Trudie, we share a love for fashion, beautiful design, decor, travel & the European style.

 We decided to develop MjiaMae in memory of my dad whom passed away in August 2012, and my mother as an inspiration throughout my life and Career.

 A little bit of us.


 My mother completed her Italian Fashion Design Diploma years ago but followed her heart and married the love of her life. Throughout the years she always made beautiful garments. I completed my Fashion Design Diploma with two young designer awards, two years in a row. In 2000 I travelled to the United Kingdom and returned in 2003. I relocated to Cape Town where I worked as a Lingerie Designer in the Industry. I made a change in 2005 to work freelance, a new opportunity opened up as a d├ęcor designer, later to follow as sleepwear designer.


 In 2009 I decided to relocate to the Eastern Cape to be closer to my family.


 A little bit more about MjiaMae


Now a year later, together as a daughter and mother design team, we are launching MjiaMae, this beautiful Collection starting with Summer.


 MjiaMae is developed into a beautiful fashion line, with the focus on an exclusive limited line producing original, French made method of using binding on certain seams. Small run collections only.


 The Label focuses on little & young girls as well as knowing that out of the collection , certain styles, can be amend into a grown up ladies collection, called Lady Mae.


 This makes MjiaMae a fabulous collection. We love the feel of soft, cool cotton voiles for summer. The Collection can be described as simplistic classic, with a flair for clean lines,& touches of European inspiration and easy to wear. As a signature, touches of black are used as well as detail of colourful trim components, to set MjiaMae Collection apart. Our printed Label will be visible on the hemline of the garment to prevent scratchy feel in the neckline.


 We quote a comment of a very talented Photographer Laura Hage & dear friend. "The collection is like love at first sight."

 We believe that all girls and mothers will love to find a MjiaMae, love at first sight item to wear. Love to dress up and feel absolutely beautiful and glorious.


Much Love

MjiaMae Atelier

Marelet & Trudie Jordaan Atelier